Winter beauty

Text: Linn Isaksen Photo: Einar Aslaksen Makeup: Hanne Sundby Hair: Marlin Martinsen 2. January 2017

With a face mask, a highlighter and a lipstick, you get a glowing winter look in no time!

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Winter glow

A highlighter reflects light and accentuates natural facial features, and is the best tool in the search for a fresh look this winter.

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• During the winter, it can be better to use a highlighter instead of a bronzer to bring out the glow of your skin. It defines your face in a soft and flattering manner, and ensures that you embrace and work with pale winter skin rather than against it.

Dark mouth

The contrast between pale winter skin and dark painted lips can create a very distinctive look.

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Moisture: YSL Top Secrets instant Moisture Glow NOK 399 DUTY FREE / TRAVEL VALUE Pop: Clinique lipstick pop matte colour NOK 199 DUTY FREE / TRAVEL VALUE Balm: Ole Henriksen lip balm NOK 159 DUTY FREE / TRAVEL VALUE


• Don’t be afraid to use colour on your lips even if you have pale skin. With the lips as the focal point, the skin looks even more milky white and pure. With the right colour lipstick, the contrast can also create warmth and glow.

• When using a dark or colourful lipstick, keep the rest of your make-up very simple. A little mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow is fine as long as your eyes don’t disappear completely.

• Do dark or sharp-colour lips feel strange? Lipstick is a matter of habit. Start by painting your lips on a night you’re staying at home. This will let you get accustomed to the look in comfortable surroundings.

• Lipsticks in berry colours are currently in style. If you want to soften the expression a bit, pick a glossy rather than a matte type.

Creams for the cold

Protective creams are worth their weight in gold during the winter.


When your skin is dry and tight, a mask at home in the bathroom can come to the rescue.

Mallpaper Ea October Beauty Shoot1689R 1210332 Origins Gin Zing 0 Na901 Msk Master

MASK: Origins GinZeng Peel-off mask NOK 199 DUTY FREE / TRAVEL VALUE


• In winter, our skin becomes dehydrated by dry air, so most skin types 
need moisture. By adding a moisturizing mask 1-3 times a week you can get your skin back into balance.

• The common denominator for hydrating masks is that they should not be rinsed off, but just patted off the skin with a tissue. By doing so your skin absorbs as much moisture as possible.

• For a moisturizing mask and moisturizer to fully soak in, dry and dead skin cells must first be swept away. Therefore it is necessary to exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub cream or cleansing mask first.

• The cleansing mask GinZing Peel-off Mask from Origins, which is used on the model, exfoliates while providing nourishment, moisture and glow. It stays in place until it dries, and is then pulled off. 

• Planning to fly? Then it’s a good idea to put on a transparent facemask before boarding and patting it off when you land. This will eliminate the risk of your skin drying out in flight.

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