Wall of temptations

Alexander Stenerud 2. January 2017

Celebrity chef and restaurant owner has arrived Oslo Airport.

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What awaits passengers at  Oslo Airport entering Bølgen & Moi Food Garage? 

In contrast to our Bølgen & Moi restaurants around the country, the Food Garage is a 
simplified version, without the white table- cloths and table service. Passengers will  enter 
the Garage and see a wall of temptations!  We have also made an inviting environment where you will want to sit down.

Why did you open a restaurant at Oslo Airport? 

I had been thinking about opening some-thing at an airport for a long time before the Oslo Airport opportunity appeared. The challenge to provide passengers with a food experience on the go appealed to me. With the Food  Garage, I worked on everything from the menu to the interior, and I think we will  succeed in creating an experience for our guests. It has been a long but exciting process, and I look forward to the opening in March.

Bølgen & Moi

The restaurant Bølgen & Moi was established in 1995 by triple Norwegian Champion in cooking, Trond Moi, together with one of Norway’s most renowned, Toralf Bølgen.

Today Bølgen & Moi consists of 7 restaurants, with around 180 employees. In addition to restau-rants, Trond and Toralf have written books and held multiple courses.

Bølgen & Moi is famous to Norwegians. What are your hopes for your international  reputation among tourists at the airport?

We want to make a good impression of Norway. Since the Food Garage is located in the departure hall, I guess we’re not going to make a first impression, but a great lasting impression of our country. But of course, we do not serve Norwegian food only. The Food Garage is international.

You have won numerous cooking prizes. Why did you pursue the cooking profession? 

The joy of food. Nothing more, nothing less. From early in life, people with great love for food surrounded me. One of my teachers in home economics would always inspire us, or at least I felt inspired. Growing up, my grandmother was also an inspiration.  
She cooked a lot of traditional food, and shared her love of food with us. And at home, our door was always open, so there was always an abundance of new impulses. I knew early on that I wanted to be a chef. I wanted to give people good experiences, from good food.

What is your best food memory? 

My best food memories stem from my grandmother, and the dinners she cooked.  
I was always much more into her food than my siblings were. I would ask about the food, taste it in different ways. I just cared more. She would make the best traditional kompe (potato dumplings, a traditional Norwegian dish). But she would also make the best pizza.

In 2015, Trond Moi launched another great project. He started a gourmet  hotel in his hometown of Kvinesdal, where about 6,000 people live. “I trust my gut feeling on this. This is what I want to do. The dream of running a hotel, and putting my personal mark on it. I want to create a hotel with soul, with a guy baking bread, people making homemade jam and producing everything  from scratch.  Much like my grand-mother from Kvines-dal did”, Trond told Dagens Næringsliv.

Bølgen & Moi Food Garage opens in April 2017 at Oslo Airport.

What is your favourite meal? 

That’s the most difficult question for a chef to answer! If I had to choose one dish, I would go for a gigantic shellfish plateau. With everything – shrimps, crab, lobster, oysters and scallops. I love the freshness and all the lovely tastes. If I could pick a few more favourites, a perfectly cooked steak and raw marinated fish are both nearly irresistible.

And what is your favourite on the Bølgen and Moi Food Garage menu? 
There will be many delights! But the pizza will be very good. It’s a thin pizza that I’ve developed myself, a Stanley & Steven pizza, a classic on the Bølgen & Moi menu. My father would always make it for me when I was a young boy. He learned how to make it in Brooklyn. Thin dough and a simple tomato sauce. After it’s been in the oven, the crust is perfectly crisp. We chose the name because 14 per cent of every Stanley and Steven in Norway lives in my home town Kvinesdal. I also think the fish soup and the burger will be a success.

At the airport, do you take your time or are you always in a hurry? 

It depends on the airport. I often travel from Kjevik airport in Kristiansand, where I make sure I use as little time as possible. They offer next to nothing when it comes to food or shops. But at Oslo Airport, I’ll use more time to explore and experience the new airport facilities. I travel 70-80 days a year, primarily domestic flights. So, I spend a lot of time at Gardermoen! In the future, I’ll spend even more time there to make sure the menu is up to speed and the food tastes the way it should. So, it’s likely that some of the guests will meet me there!

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