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2. January 2017

The team behind Mallpaper is looking forward to a slew of grand openings at Oslo Airport in the months to come. Here are a few that we are especially excited about!

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Einar Aslaksen


Looking forward to: Jamie’s Italian opens in the international pier. Few things beat comfort food! Norwegians may love Italian food even more when a British TV chef interprets it. Jamie Oliver has a popular, social and down-to-earth style and I think this concept is going to work very well at an airport. I’m betting that 
Jamie’s Italian is a perfect place to grab a bite to eat before boarding when I’m travelling with the whole family.

At Oslo Airport I also like to... Stop at the café Parken in the domestic pier. I think it’s lovely to sit down with my Mac for a few minutes to get an overview of a job before I travel. Toy planes are also a must when you bring small impatient souls who are compulsive.

​Synne Flaa

Graphic designer

Looking forward to: BIT opens in the international pier. I love to start a journey with good, healthy food! BIT also has superb options for those of us with gluten allergy!

At Oslo Airport I also like to... Get there in plenty of time, so I can lower both my shoulders and my travel heart rate. After I’ve checked in luggage and gone through security, I head for Duty Free, before I allow myself a snack and a glass of something good.

Bit Retter 0871 1

Bit Opens soon at Oslo Airport

Viktor Myhre Sakshaug

Graphic designer

Looking forward to: Tanum bookstore is opening in the international pier. I rarely go to the bookstores elsewhere, but when I’m at Oslo Airport, I think it is nice to take a look at what they have and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is always found in bookstores. I like to buy a magazine for the flight, and at Tanum they have a wide range of magazines for everyone.

At Oslo Airport I also like to... Enjoy having plenty of time and sitting down to read and relax. Also, I always buy lots of gum from Duty Free.

Tina Aleksandria Hansen

Project Manager

Looking forward to: Æra Women is opening in the international and the domestic  pier. I love shopping and find it to be both a nice way to unwind as well as being a perfect activity to kill time while I am waiting to board. Æra Women will carry two of my favourite brands “Armani” and “Filippa K” so I guess I’ll be getting a little extra carry-on luggage next time I fly!

At Oslo Airport I also like to... Take a peek in several stores before I buy Vogue and sit down with a glass of wine.

Newcomers to Oslo Airport

The following shops and eateries open at Oslo Airport in period January through March.

Domestic: Æra Woman, Point, Norgesglasset, Caffé Ritazza. International: Tanum, Ting, Travel Value Fashion, Æra Men, Æra Active, Æra Woman, Thune, BIT, Samson, Jamie’s Italian, Northland, Hunter Bar, Narvesen.

Karen Benedicte Geelmuyden

Product manager

Looking forward to: The shop Ting opens at the international pier. Ting (Things) has a fantastic selection of designer brands and a wide range of different products, everything from tea and chocolate to pillows, blankets and cooking utensils, all of the highest quality and with a special character. It is also an ideal place to find gifts and I can’t wait to buy Scandinavian design items at the airport for my foreign friends.

At Oslo Airport I also like to... For me, a holiday begins at the airport, starting with a trip to Duty Free where I buy my skin-care favourites and then a bite to eat which I either enjoy at a restaurant or by the gate while I watch the bustle of airport life.

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