Jamie Oliver has landed at Oslo Airport

1. November 2016

To the delight of foodies, Jamie Oliver is now making his mark on the Oslo Airport food scene. The British star chef promises travellers fresh, pure and fast dishes that amount to a journey through excellent flavours before your flight has even taken off.

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How do you explain ”Jamie’s Deli” to someone who’s never been there?

“The idea is to create a place that’s easy to navigate and offers rustic, simple versions of the food you love. From well-made pizza with good dough and quality ingredients on top – unlike what seems to be the norm these days – to interesting salads, and of course, comfort food classics, such as hearty sandwiches and toasties.”

What’s the vision behind the concept?

“The vision is to be big, bold, fresh, clean and fast. In an environment where people are often a little bit stressed and time-poor, the aim is to create a space that not only serves your food needs, but also has integrity and high-standard sourcing at its heart. Hopefully it will change the way people plan their time at the airport, so they can enjoy themselves and their food, as well as fitting in some time for shopping before getting on the plane.”

​Jamie Oliver (41)

is a British chef, cookbook author, restaurateur and television host, also known as “The Naked Chef”. His charisma, talent as a chef and focus on healthy British food has resulted in numerous TV shows and restaurants.

What can people always expect when they’re visiting a Jamie Oliver restaurant?

“For the ingredients in everything we offer to be great quality, with fantastic animal welfare standards. The culture of what I do is systematically drilled into all of our procurement systems – sourcing higher welfare, better-quality products is what we do. Whether it’s in an airport or a restaurant, the values remain the same. That is our pledge – a lot of people say it, but we actually do it.” 

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

“I love the hot deli counter where you get to choose from sustainably caught fish or beauti- fully roasted meat, then load up with freshly made salads and veggies of the day. It’s a really great way to eat, and there’s something for everyone.”

Do you have anything special on the menu for the youngest travellers?

“We’ve got the kids covered with our combo of a rainbow chicken wrap, seasonal fruit and delicious fruity water.  It’s all well balanced and nutritionally sound.”

Jamie Italian 0299

What is your favourite holiday destination?

“It’s always been Italy. I love the food and way of life there, but I was very smitten by travelling to some Greek islands on my super food journey.”

Which city has impressed you the most when it comes to food?

“It’s really, really, really hard to say. New York, Tokyo, London, Barcelona, Paris, Florence – they’re all amazing in their own right, and there’s a lot of choice. It’s impossible to say and I’m pleased that’s the situation we’re in. Twenty years ago it would have been Paris, but now standards, price and choice are all incredible everywhere. Exciting times!”

What is your best travel tip?

“Wear flexible trousers so you can run, chill out and dance. Good noise-cancelling headphones for the flight are a must, too. Oh, and make sure your music is on your phone, not on your Cloud – as I sadly discovered the other day! And most importantly, keep hydrated while flying, and eat at my deli before you get on the plane.” 

Have you ever tasted any Scandinavian Christmas specialities?

“Yes, I’m a big fan of roast goose and red cabbage, and I love rice pudding, too.  And I’ve also tried lutefisk.”

Jamie’s Deli is a new restaurant concept, created from the idea of Italian food culture, where you gather around the table and enjoy great food in a casual environment. 

On the menu are rustic dishes such as salads, pizza, sandwiches and various meats in season, all made from fresh and sustainable produce. In addition, customers have the opportunity to buy fresh bread, baked goods, breakfast products and freshly brewed Italian coffee for their flight. 

Jamie’s Deli opened in the departure hall of the domestic terminal at Oslo Airport on November 1st.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

“To do well at school. I’m studying for a master’s degree in nutrition and I hope I can keep up.” 

Where will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve?

“I’m not sure yet. I think I’ll be celebrating in London this year, maybe a small dinner party with friends, some dancing, nice wine and good food.” 

If you were a food ingredient, what would you be?

“Paprika, because I like spice, and you can use it to make boring things a lot more exciting. Plus, I could be smoked, sweet, or hot!”

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