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2. January 2017

Simple, functional garments that suit everything are often the best bet.

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Mallpaper Einar Aslaksen Folk Osl October00027

Photo: Einar Aslaksen / Pudder Agency

Marthe Denstad (25) and her son Isak (15 months)

From Rissa

Headed for: 

Home, after a few days in Oslo.


He has clothes from the Lille Martine store in Trondheim. I have trousers from Bik Bok and T-shirt from Vila.

Travel pulse: 

Really quiet, but now I’m mainly thinking that we have to catch our flight. 

Favourite destination in winter: 

Cabin in Stokksund. Where we ski and enjoy ourselves on the coast.

New Year’s resolutions: 

I have no New Year's resolution, but would really like to go to Dubai during the year. It seems like an exciting destination!

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