Fashion for frost

Photo: Trine Hisdal/TINAGENT 2. January 2017

It’s entirely possible to stay warm with style.

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2016 45 Mallpaper10277 Edit 2 2016 45 Mallpaper10660 Edit

Him: Hugo Boss coat NOK 4 299 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Tiger of Sweden scarf  NOK 799 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Sand shirt NOK 1 199 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Tiger of Sweden sweater NOK 1 499 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Hugo Boss pants NOK 1 399 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Hugo Boss sneakers NOK 1 399 ARG INTERNATIONAL Her: Arnie Says polo NOK 999 ARG INTERNATIONAL, byTiMo dress NOK 1 999 ARG DOMESTIC, byTiMo jacket NOK 3 999 ARG DOMESTIC, Filippa K boots NOK 3 100 ARG INTERNATIONAL

Layer upon layer

One layer on top and two below lets your dress conquer the cold.

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Him: Tiger of Sweden T-shirt NOK 599 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Long Island shirt NOK 699 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Lacrosse scarf NOK 599 ARG INTERNATIONAL Her: Gestuz sweater NOK 1 299 ARG DOMESTIC, Tommy Hilfiger down jacket NOK 2 499 ARG INTERNATIONAL, by Malene Birger leather pants NOK 6 599 ARG INTERNATIONAL


From February 2017 ARG will become ÆRA Women and Æra Men. The concept expands and will offer a wider selection of brands at Oslo Airport.

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Him: Tiger of Sweden polo NOK 1 299 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Sand blazer NOK 3 899 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Scarf NOK 399 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Tiger of Sweden jeans NOK 1 399 ARG INTERNATIONAL Her: Arnie Says sweater NOK 1 599 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Filippa K blouse NOK 2 500 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Thune gold necklace NOK 1 595 Thune, Ugg cap NOK 999 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Filippa K skirt NOK 2 500 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Michael Kors bag NOK 1919 travel value fashion

Stylish warmth

Never leave home without a warm, decorative scarf during the winter.

Casual party look

A turtleneck under a blazer gives you a casual but smart party look. 

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Him: Eton shirt NOK 1 599 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Gant sweater NOK 1 299 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Swatch watch NOK 1 499 Thune Her: Tommy Hilfiger sweater NOK 1 799 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Tommy Hilfiger blouse NOK 1 099 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Tommy Hilfiger skirt NOK 1 699 ARG INTERNATIONAL, Arnie Says cap NOK 399 ARG INTERNATIONAL

A golden fleece

A woollen outer layer traps your body heat. Oslo Airport shops have the season’s nicest knitwear.

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