Appetizers before departure

2. January 2017

At Oslo Airport eateries, you can start your tasteful journey.

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Jamie’s Deli and bakery

Gate A8

Jamies Deli 02 Jamies Deli 04

Fresh juices NOK 69

Jamies Deli 03

Pizza Margherita NOK 74

La Baguette

Arrival hall

La Baguette 02 La Baguette 04

Chicken Salad NOK 99 and Freshly made large baguettes FROM NOK 75

La Baguette 01

On the Fly Yoghurt NOK 39

Beach Club

Arrival hall

Beach Club 01

Beach Club Triple NOK 153


By gate A10

Point 01 Point 02

Cinnamon rolls NOK 29

Point 04


By gate A10

42 A5443

Burger with manchego and prosciutto NOK 149

Ritazza 02 Ritazza 03

Waffle with smoked salmon NOK 89



Beans Scoop Sbx20060825 2116 Rt Sbx20111205 4648 Uk No Plate

Tall Latte hot or iced NOK 44

Z Bilder I Artikkel

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